The Importance of Logging

Regardless of what sport you play, what instrument you practice, or what task you want to complete, staying organized is critical. Logging helps keep your thoughts and ideas in an organized manner. Keep a notebook by your bed or on your nightstand. First thing in the morning (EVERY morning), just write down what's on your mind. You could write about something relevant to your progress in learning left-handed skills, your wildly fantastic dreams, or even your goals for the day. Whatever you log, be sure to stay consistent!

Make Sure You're Logging

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The Method

Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, a Psychology professor at Florida State University, is a world-renowned pioneer in research on Deliberate Practice. In a nutshell, the Deliberate Practice Method (DPM) explains that the mastery of an activity is the result of prolonged and measurable effort.

I took this method to the court. I logged the consistency (% of shots in the court) and accuracy (% of shots in a certain area of the court) of my left-handed strokes in a pocket book. After several weeks, I saw my learning curve as I graphed the data.

Of course, there was little to no improvement in the beginning. However, in the latter weeks, the DPM proved itself, and suddenly, I was back playing matches and beating my brother left-handed.